The Cost of Custom Cookies


- Minis (2``) start at $2 each.
- Small (2.5``) start at $3 each.
- Medium (3``) start at $4 each.
- Full sized (3.5-4``) start at $5 each.
- X-Large (4``+) please inquire for specific designs and sizes.
- Petraits! (pet portraits) start at $10 each and are hand cut at approximately 5``.
- Portrait cookies (human) start at $25 each are hand cut with hand painted details sized at approximately 6``.
Edible images and designs requiring custom cutters are an extra charge.

Simple = 3 or fewer colours
Medium = 4-6 colours including metallic painted details
Complex = 7+ colours plus additional embellishments such as wafer paper details

You may select a maximum of one design per 6 cookies.

Exceptions for all minimum orders are holiday pre-order designs and individual portrait cookies.